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Adobe Flash Player : PPAPI vs NPAPI in Google Chrome?


What is the difference of PPAPI and NPAPI version of Adobe Flash Player in Google Chrome? They have different versions and they are both enabled.

【Adobe Flash Player的PPAPI和NPAPI版本在谷歌Chrome浏览器的区别是什么?他们有不同的版本,它们都启用。 】

If a Flash movie / game is loaded in Chrome…

【如果一个Flash影片/游戏在Chrome加载… 】

1.Which version of Flash Player will Chrome use?

【1.Chrome浏览器将使用Flash Playe哪个版本? 】

2.Will the 2 versions compete with each other?

【2.这2个版本会互相竞争吗? 】

3.Should I disable one of them ( and which one )?



There are a couple of links you may want to look at for background:


The road to safer, more stable, and flashier Flash


Explaining the confusion over Flash versions

Re. which version of Flash will be used … there again there are changes (coming). Google plans to block all NPAPI plugins: Saying Goodbye to Our Old Friend NPAPI. So that won’t be an issue in 2014. Quite sometime ago, I recollect that if two plugins were available, they would not have the same “priority” and so the one with the higher priority would run. For an oldish view on the topic, look at Why are Two Flash Player Plugins Running In Google Chrome?.

【Re. Flash会用哪个版本…即将会有一个变化。谷歌计划以阻止所有的NPAPI插件:Saying Goodbye to Our Old Friend NPAPI。这样就不会在2014年成为一个问题。相当一段时间以前,我记得,如果两个插件是可用的,他们不会有相同的“优先级” ,所以一个具有较高优先级将运行。之前有篇关于此的文章,Why are Two Flash Player Plugins Running In Google Chrome?】

Re. which one you should disable … I’d suggest not bothering unless you have a problem with the PPAPI one. It’s not that both would be consuming resources when you watch Flash content.

【Re. 哪一个你应该禁用…我建议不打扰,除非PPAPI遇到问题。这并不是说两者会消耗资源,当你观看Flash内容。】

(For Linux users …

Adobe will only provide “security” updates for Flash on Linux. So 11.2.202 was the “final” full version of the NPAPI version.

Google, in collaboration with Adobe, will provide the PPAPI version of Flash for Linux.)

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